Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day out with li-ying nn chiew tsann..

Chiew tsann reach at like almost one..?? (p.s. she wears skirt!!) i was damn hungry dat time.. so we search for de place to eat.. haha.. we cant decide where to go nn we ended up eating at paddington.. haha.. umm.. we think dat de servis dere was supa supa SLOW, LAME nn wadeva.. we took pics dere too.. haha.. nn next we went for movie.. chiew tsann wanted to watch but i wanted to watch the time traveller’s wife... haha.. i won.. sadly de movie was BORING.. de only thing we did was wishing nn expecting him to dissappear wen he halfway kissing or wadeva.. haha.. after dat after chiew tsann buy her anime.. li-ying nn i hunt for job again.. haha.. i wan job at f.o.s. de pay is high.. XD but dey din giv reply yet.. i got a job at nike.. s n j called me nn li-ying for interview.. but.. we cant make it.. sakae might call me today to comfirm.. umm a baby shop oso, umm.. bg oso, umm..f.o.s. too.. haha..XD i hope we both can get a job at f.o.s. XD

Day out with li-ying nn chiew tsann..

Umm.. on de 30th of october.. me, li-ying, nn chiew tsann went nn i reach qb at 10 sumthing.. nn we hunt for job!! Haha.. first we went bg.. nn dey say dat dey will call us later.. so fine den.. nex we go padini.. li-ying ask me to ask but i was like how.. cause de last time we came to padini nn ask for job we ended up din go for de interview.. we struggle nn we end up din ask nn we went to orange sorbet.. haha.. we tried de clothes nn took picturesss!!!

Day out wid rynn after phys exam!!!

I cut my hair!!! Haix.. i jux feel dat its so damn short!! But rynn say it was okae.. mine’s short but seriously.. rynn wan was super super short.. we went to sushine to shop for something dat she bneed for her trip which is like tmr?? After civic exam.. at first she say dat she wanna buy food.. but guess wad?? She end up buying one sparkling juice, one cocktail.. well i tink dat its a fake one..(cause it has no alcohol.. XP) nn a peel fresh grape juice.. all drinks nn one nn only one cereal as a FOOD.. haha.. after buying we went to mcd cause rynn say she wanna drink de grape juice.. so we went nn we ended up open nn try all 3 drinks.. de blue cocktail was nice.. but sadly we dunno how to close it back wid de cork.. haha..we spend like one hour jux to put in de cork into de mouth of de bottle.. argh.. so embarrasing.. well.. rynn giv up nn she went nn buy a bottle.. haha.. on de way back home.. de bottle which is filled with de cocktail keep on opened cause of de gas i guess.. haha.. well you shud cee.. for once rynn walk so damn slow.. nn so ladylike.. haha.. before reach her house wen we passby a coffee shop rynn suddenly shouted “RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” nn dat makes me jumped nn i scream.. you noe wad?? A old uncle beside me accuse me crazy.. argh!! All because of her or i wouldnt have shouted nn de uncle say me crazy nn de worst is de ppl in de coffee shop turns to me nn look at me like ‘wad de hell are you doing??!!’

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day out wid liying

haha.. wen to qb to find job.....
got a job dy but hav to tink of it..
cause de pay is low..
haha.. buy de bracelette oso.. XD

jusco at butterworth

my old hse..

hse at juru..
my mum wanna sell it dy.. haix..

day out wid sharyn to gurney!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha.. wen out wid rynn.. actually wanna watch mv but sadly dunno which to watch.. we eat at SR nn mcd haha.. she dunno i took de pic.. muahahahaha.. evil ryte?? haha cant help.. XD

Sunday, October 11, 2009

heh.. in borders......

haha.. u noe what sharyn call tiz?? she say its a strawberry hahaxx..
she bought it fo me frm singapore.. XD

Saturday, October 3, 2009

scouting rules!!

after the walking or wadever dat call, li-ying, sam, kat, cindy nn gs reach dere.. so far we do nothing after dey reach except for eating, talking nn taking pitchas.. XD

i was very hot.. but its fun.. XD

(dinner!!) yumm yumm..

our first duty dere was to put on the table cloth.. dats all.. den after de children reach.. we all help dem to light on deir lantern.. after that we all walk around the sunshine housing area, holding malaysia flag with the lion dance in front.. wow.. not bad huh?? moon cake festival oso got lion dance..

3rd october 2009

(dats de view of my duty place..) i had a scout duty from 6 to 10. dere's no one to fetch me go to de duty so i have to follow my uncle who come nn fetch his daughter. my mum babysits my cousin. normally my uncle would come at like 5 something to 6 but today he come at 4 something.. why?? haix.. so.. nevermind i ask him to fetch me to sunshine. i spend my time in the sunshine McD from 4.30 p.m. to like 5 smth.. (p.s. with my scouts full-u on) everybody is looking at me with weird eyes.. well.. i do know why.. but i cant help it ryte..? i went to my duty place at 5 something cause i dunno de place nn i'm afraid dat i might get lost nn i would be late for my duty.. so.. well, i did get lost.. my fwen say its at de white flat nn i went to the other white flat but i manage to find my way dere with her guide.. (p.s. thxx li-ying!!) den i realise dat i was too early still nn no one is dere.. haix.. after weiyi, cheryll, wei loon nn liji reach.. we still hav to sit down nn do nothing until like 7 something.. come on.. its like we go dere one hour plus for nothing but to sit down nn donate blood to de mosquitos.. haix..