Sunday, September 18, 2011

sem break one!! xD

wow.. it seems that i've missed bloggies alot again.. nevermind me.. =] i will try to update as soon as possible.. xD wookay.. so far wad happen?? hmm.. let me see.. college, college, work work.. oh well.. skip that shall we?? xD its not like i really do remember the dramas of my class.. xD holiday!!! wee.. okay.. on fri.. umm.. nothing much.. dinner with racheng they all.. sat, sun work.. mon.. went out with kat and cin.. watched movie.. cause we dont get to book neway.. tue, wed,thur went cameron!! with family.. mum's fren's and family.. xD wow.. i seriously loves the strawberry park hotel.. waaa~~ so nice.. xD nice rooms.. nice view.. nice swimming pool!! xD am kinda lazy to upload pic here.. anyway.. u can see it from my lurve joyce's profile in facebook.. xD its not-so-cooling in cameron and i even had suntanned there.. >.< oh no.. look at my feet and you'll know why.. note this.. important stuff.. i gain weight there!! haha.. i ate early breakfast, breakfast, brunch, lunch, double tea time, dinner and double supper for three days in a row!! omg!! i dont think ppl will be reading this anyway.. so.. shall we proceed?? haha.. i rule anyway ryte?? it mua blog.. xD followed by one whole damn week free with some outing.. then... genting + KL trip!! xD its was fun and "fun".. ahaha.. woo.. its still fresh in my memory and i could merely describe them all~~ xD a day earlier i went for a sort-of outing with jessie, jessica, aichee, and kaesian for a sort-of kaesian's bday celebration. xD anyway we ended up with a lantern walk.. xD was fun cause we dont hold lantern and go around for a really long period of time already!! wont you agree with me? aww.. darn.. my keypad's went wrong.. any error?? well.. am sorry with that.. let's proceed.. the jess(s) has a really nice room.. xD that's just fyi.. xP next morning we meet up everyone else at 5 am somewhere nearby my college.. sadly the bus driver reached at 5++ almost 6!! what a waste of time.. in bus most of us were asleep and some took pics especially kenny.. he took some UGLY pics.. like seriously UGLY.. xD reached kl at 11am.. we're splited up by then.. went for shopping and stuffss.. glad that i have eriko all along!! xD we continue our journey at 5? i think.. to genting.. reached at god knows when.. xD ahhh..damn mum.. forgot everything else that i wanted to write.. =[ proceed to day 2 then.. we went for ALL games at genting.. really had fun especially the bumper cars.. xD hard to describe in words actually.. what's important is what's in memory ryte?? xD a confession.. xD i think i mite like him.. but i wish that i will be over him soon. =] p.s. pics are at joyce thean profile!! xD