Sunday, February 21, 2010


holiday's ending.. not yet finish decoram's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
wad de hell is going on weyh??????!!!!!!!!! alwix find fault wid me mia.. dunno how to do yurself meh???? like as if yu neva touch any electronic stuff before.. nn de witch.. neva even buy clothes for me, school fee oso dun pay for me, nothing i had ever wanted she will giv me.. only one thing she will giv ttn fee dat oso i kena scold like hell every month.. wad de hell weyh.. everything i bought she will scold.. even i bought it with my own money de money i earn myself by working eh.. other friends dey work but still deir parents buy dem new year clothes, pay deir school fee, nn stuff.. as for me?? i had to pay all myself.. if like dat den wadever i buy dun nag dy la.. argh.. alwix say wan me to get outta de house.. if im like 18 years old dy i will go far far away lo.. she only wants money ryte?? like nothing else matters to her dy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh.. beta if dun dun read.. dun mind me..

Friday, February 12, 2010

shopping for cny!!

ying nn i starts our journey at 10.30.. we meet at bj bus stop.. den we took bus to komtar.. we saw few shirt once we reach.. kinda cute.. XD but we din buy yet.. cause wanna see if dere's other design.. den we go prangin we shop loadxx o clothes.. cause de clothes dere are all very nice nn cheap. XD i bought a shirt + pants very cute!! den got a few shirts more.. XD ying bought a shirt which is kinda cute but.. it suits her (kids).. muahahaha.. de part when we wanna go back to komtar nnbuy dat shirt time.. we couldnt find de way to komtar nn guess wad?? we're kinda lost around komtar.. haha.. den we end up walking a big round de whole komtar just to buy dat shirt.. lolxx.. den wen we wanna take bus to gurney also we had to take a very long way.. haha.. nvm.. gud for health though not for skin..we're kinda lucky cause wen we go to de bus stop dere's bus to gurney.. BUT.. we hav to walk quite a distance.. we take dat bus and end up dunno where to stop.. kinda scary cause im afraid dat we might end up go to somewhere instead.. XD lucky me i still recognize de road a bit WEN WE REACH.. before dat i was like did we passed gurney dy?? haha.. den wen we walk ying says dat it was far nn wil get darker.. i was tinking if she get darker den i hangus dy la..? lol.. luckily din bring her wrongly i mean its de correct way to gurney.. or she wil nag.. i guess.. we meet sharyn dere as promise den in awhile sharyn got her shirt dy!! yay.. we took quite some time in de fitting room.. i guess de ppl who wait for our room very sui mia..haha.. we can see dat dey wait til wanna explode dy.. haha.. den we start searching for shoe.. sharyn found her shoe so easily.. as for me.. de shoe dat i like all out of size.. haiz.. after dat we go qb.. din find anything dere.. but saw one bag kinda nice.. XD i reach home at 11.. means i shops for more den 12 hours.. wow.. cool ryte?? XDXDXD