Thursday, August 26, 2010

lame teacha..

omg.. guess what i've been through for this week?? a total day from hell.. monday, 23 august 2010, first period-the period after usual official assembly.. in just a few minutes after the lesson start i have to switch my place like from the first row in the class to the last row of th class.. same goes to kat.. while my friend sam have to stand on the chair.. and within seconds.. guess what happen?? i had to stand on the chair too!! wad the hell weyh?! wanna know why?? sam have to stand on the chair while kat nn i hav to get to the back of class just becoz of sam often turns her head to the bak of the class nn i guess that freaking teacha jux dun like it.. tinks she's jealouse.. nn i had to stand on the chair coz of i was talking to kat frm one corner to the otha end of the corner (after we switched place) nn that was like more of sign language than talking.. or else we have toshout frm one end to the otha end of the class.. argh!!! hate her soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.. i dun care much but i was playing a fool AFTER i had to stand on the chair.. guess wad nex?? sam turn behind again which was normal since she was all alone afta kat nn i were draaaaaaaaag to the bak of the class.. we kinda sign language each otha.. guesss what that supa dupa crazy childish + mental prob teacha does?? she ask sam to get outta de class.. WID HER CHAIR.. whats more is sam hav to stand on top of the chair like OUTSIDE OF THE CLASS.. wad the hell was she tinking?? her's to do wadeva she want us to do?? no doubt sam jux went outta de class.. nn DAT teacha jux gave her 10 demerrit cuz of dat.. wad the hell?? not to mention she ady did the same ting to balraj.. urgh!! thinking of wad she did might jux add more wrinkles nn pimples onto my face!! hate her sooooooooooooooo much.. she peek on girls.. CHINESE GIRLS.. dat kind of teacha would neva get respect frm me-- not anymore.. its not like we disturb her class oso ryte?? =(
cant remember much on tuesday..
while on wed.. i had to run up nn down and all over the school not jux once but a few tims jux for a stupid KK card.. ish ish ish.. first dere i went to ms. lim to get my card bak but she say my card wasnt wid her.. she say it was with mr. lim.. she was at the first floor nn i my class is at the top.. not to mention i've went down dere fo like once or twice before she asked me to ce her.. so i went to mr. lim table but at last i decided that his place is too messy to find a piece of my card.. so, i went up.. jux went i sat, i told sam wad happen nn she ask me to go to the staff room again to find it.. jux dat dix time she will find it for me.. okay.. there i go.. nn yeah.. i found!! so i went to ms. lim to ask her to sign for me.. then dere was this syahbandar stuff dat i was asked to settled nn i hav to go all the way upstairs to find awi then bak to her to giv her a piece of namelist.. after everything was settled.. i finally can get bak to my class.. guess wad?? I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CARD BAK ALONG.. so much for the morning exercise.. lets skip to the afternoon part where i ask "that teacher" to sign my card for me.. guess wad she say to me?? "swee hon, awak mahu lagi tak cakap kat kelas cikgu??" in a so damn sarcarstic way.. urgh.. hate her..

Saturday, August 21, 2010


a lot dat happens in between this two months.. couldnt remember much.. i guess i will jux say randomly.. haha.. my group was like getting colder to each otha.. jc nn rn will talk about sj, ryn sometimes jux disappear leaving me alone like nobody buisness dere.. sort of like invisible.. duno dun care.. ive been in a hard time getting a true fwenship nn i realize its harder than getting a relationship.. why is it like dat?? until the week before i thought i hav found myself some true fwenxx but now im not so sure.. before ryn told me i tout tis group was like nice nn they dun sort of backstab.. but im not so sure nw.. haix.. i getting confused.. can anyone jux solve this puzzle for me?? ryn say dey neva care fo her and she always hav to go find em as they dun go to her.. but wad about me?? i can tell dat no one in my group come n find me unless they need something.. but nvm la.. its not like it bothers me a lot.. i do have problems.. but im not sure whether i should share it with em or not.. i scare they will spread it or anything.. my top secret only got a few ppl knew.. haha.. which included ryn of course, ash, kish nn eu(i duno why) haha.. den amma.. sharyn told her.. i told her not to tell anyone.. bt lucky amma din tell anyoe else.. about my prob.. how shud i solve it?? im doomed.. every step dat i take makes it more complicated.. so i jux let it be; remain the same nn unchanged.. nex.. my mum.. why does she hav to scold me like every single day?? argh.. cant help it but i will say bad things behind her back.. its not all my fault ryte?? my mum like dat ryn mum oso no gud to her.. haix.. pity her oso.. her mum scold her till like wad only.. ish ish ish.. tak guna mia mum.. i really did hav fun in celebrating racheng nn syahirah bday.. p.s. i first time going out wid hoey yuen, amma nn syahirah.. XD it was fantastic.. but we're almost like a bunch of crazy ppl.. talking bout crazy ppl i miss the the went out with josh, arthur, ryn, liying, li ean nn rachel to gurney.. dat was a blast.. XDXPXD spm is in 3 months time but i still cant jux open my book to study or do some exercise.. why?? any solution for this?? >.< i really need to brush up on my math, phys, bio, ad math nn chem.. ouh ya.. arthur.. gud luck on yur trial!! work hard nn study smart ya.. XD that's all for now..
love you all.. <3