Thursday, June 24, 2010

24 june

waa.. today damn boring weyh.. 6 hours of spm ceramah.. >.< listen till fall asleep.. >.< din really pay attention.. phy was de first one.. walaueh.. damn boring.. he speaks damn SLOW.. not interested plus dun understand wad he's craping about.. haix.. end up eating all day long.. nex is chem.. okay laa.. beta den phys.. at least i do smth.. den bio was like sleep all de time.. waa.. liean kacau me wen i was sleeping.. >.< be syok her... hmph.. haha.. after sch like kids ny... we play hair-pulling.. haha.. sharyn tak kena ny cause she gud in defending.. no fair..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 june holiday

dix holiday was totally a blast and unpredictable.. my exam ends on wed.. guess wad?? after exam i went for undang the next day.. exam again.. =.= tink dat mum's kinda pissed off cause i told her de last minute.. dun care anyway.. i can still remember dat de penceramah was very damn like decoram lim.. dunno why nn how.. but his lesson was kinda fun.. de second section is like a total crap.. makes me sleepy like hell.. he keep repeating the same thing.. den he took de car model nn play with it.. XD

then friday.. was a teacher's day.. my class look damn down.. unlike the elit clss they even bring a radio nn make their class like karaoke.. haha.. de lower form also kinda nice.. dere's a whole damn lots of activity on that day.. teacher's playing game nn there a quite a number of performance.. then at nite is the pre-camp for pekboree silver 2010.. i tink dat a lot ppl dun like our camp chair-lady.. kinda bossy.. but i kinda tink dat its too much.. she might be bossy but you neva noe how it feels when yur 'dipulaukan' by almost all de ppl.. just know it cause i noe gs damn beh syok me still.. dun care laa.. if she wanna beh syok me dats her problem ryte?? i did not overnite at school instead i overnite at sam's hse.. sat was kinda tiring.. i dun remember wad time de kids arrive but i noe i got 10 kids.. at first they are like damn shy.. but later.. u shall ce their real attitude.. i realize that they are damn racist.. chinese complains bout the malays,malays complian bout the chinese.. lucky me there's only one indian nn they could get along well..adam is a nice kid while jarrod is so damn stubborn.. argh.. listen to me but wen im not dere he makes troubles to me.. pekboree's activities are as the same as the previous pekborees.. weng yee seems cant control his kids.. haha.. he run all over to catch one kid back nn the others goes away..XD pekboree ends on sunday.. which makes me to go to my account tuition right after the camp.. u noe how tiring it is?? cant really focus that day..

on monday.. cant remember.. guess i clean my room..

tuesday- i went out with my mum to the lawyer place cause she wanna sell our old hse.. dunno why she drag me dere but its damn boring.. guess wad i got a damn surprising news.. my ku ma (aunt) passed away on monday.. at nite mum plans to visit my aunt's funeral but here comes my sis saying that sshe wanna wash hair ix nn that b4 going.. then my house lift broke down.. mum got fed up nn decide not to go..

wednesday- i told my mum dat i wanna go hang out with kat on dat day.. i told her like a few days before.. but she claims dat i neva did told her.. she damn over.. she told me she wanna visit my aunt's funeral but hello.. dats like at nite ryte?? wen i wanna go out the time is like 11 am.. still got around 10 hours b4 she goes there.. she insist on not letting me go.. kay.. fine.. i go school instead.. just remember that i hav got musical meeting.. thanks to dat meeting i could get myself outta nite i visit my aunt funeral till like 12 smth den ny go bak..dat day i was told dat i have two niece one older den me nn the other younger den me by a year.. nn i also got a nephew.. older den me by 3 years.. felt so damn old for a moment..

thur- was at home the whole day till at nite go my aunt funeral again nn overnite there.. =.= den my sis nn i starts to mix around with our niece nn nephew.. we play poker nn den go mcd.. at mcd my nephew took my hp away.. ish ish ish.. its without my permission fyi..den we ot bek to de funeral place.. nn he not yet finish with my hp..he gave me my hp bak like after taking it for a few hours..

fri- there goes the ending of the funeral ceremony.. then i was totally surprise dat my nephew nn niece is going to overnite at my hse on dat nite.. dinner time niece nn nephew eats a lot.. neva knew dat.. then we go take a walk at nite we drink wine.. hey.. i drink it like for de first time damn bitter but i drank three cups.. my niece say she wanna sleeps with me nn my nephew says that he dun wanna sleep alone so we end up sleep together.. p.s. something happen that nite..

sat- after fetching my sis to work we went to have dim sum.. once again dey eat a lot nn worst ting i was kinda forced to eat along.. =.= so damn full.. after dat i went gurney with sharyn.. went to watch movie.. i wanted to watch letters to juliet but we were late cause of de bus.. haix.. den we watch nanny mcphee instead.. after that we watch mamarduke.. kinda funny show.. then sharyn nn i go bak by bus.. i damn wanna told her wadever that happen last nite but she is so damn quiet nn cold dat i change my mind.. cause of potato she like change to another person.. nn wadever happens on sat nite i does really bother me..

mon- li ean's bday.. went to queens.. ah rynn eat curry mee nn cendol at 11 am.. all santan.. then we went nn buy cake.. for li ean to surprise her.. XD
for lunch we eat at daves deli.. we gave her a brownies as a cake (tout dat we could prank on her) but we failed to..den we go queens market at nite cause dunno where to eat nn we meet mr decoram dere.. so shui.. we din sit long till li ean decided to eat at mcd.. sharyn nn i run like nobody buisness to reach mcd b4 li ean.. but whole ting was screwed up..

tue- went for computer test but i did not read till dat morningg haha.. nvm.. i passed anyway.. after dat i went liying hse to on9 nn ce casper.. she cook pasta for me.. yum yum.. casper seems to like me.. haha..

wed- went to queens then to prangin then bak to queens again wid liying.. walks a lot on dat day till my feets hurts.. liying bought a dress nice.. damn lady-like.. haha.. found nth in prangin..

thur-stay at home de whole day nn do my homework.. haha.. mostly watch movie laa..

fri- celebrate my bday.. haha.. go eat at azuma.. salmon sushi pizza was damn nice.. yum yum.. go watch toys story 3.. b4 dat go brands cause i plan to buy all same shirt but li ean nn sharyn keep say dun wann.. damn dissapointed.. plan failed.. haix.. the whole day was nice.. den alex called me to watch karate kid which starts at 12.. i watch ady but i still go watch.. ying2 also going so i ask her to go queens ryte after her ttn.. she eats a lot.. >.< at nite my nephew nn niece came over again.. damn surprising.. p.s. smth happen again..

sat- morning i tried to do my work.. but did really a bit ny.. den go out with my niece nn nephew de whole day.. went walk walk nn buy cakes at gurney.. den go my uncle's hse cause their parents are dere nn dey wanna celebrate father's day for their dad nn my uncle.. XD went batu ferringhi to take pics nn eat at tanjung bungah.. damn full.. den at nite niece nn nephew celebrate bday in advance fo me..
damn touching.. haha.. thanks..

sun- tried to do my homework den prepare for my ttn.. p.s. i cried last nite wen dey leave.. haa.. miss dem loadsssssssssssssss.. kinda sleepy at ttn.. till i foget to take my file.. den on9 till now.. haix.. homework not done at all..