Friday, January 22, 2010

rynn burfday!!

yesterday celebrate rynn burfdey after sch!! so nice after mv li ean went nn buy cake.. XD den i meet ryn dey al at baskin.. i ask her to take out her spec den she suspect something's fishy dy.. haha.. but she take off her spec oso.. Xd easy.. i jux take my scarf nn blindfold her.. haha.. she scream!! on de way to de beach everyone was like staring at her.. so funny.. XD but she ahh.. haix.. kenot stop talking mia.. keep on asking where we're taking her.. lucky us wen we cross de road dere's no cars.. XD den we kenakan her, put creams on her face nn etc.. muahahhahaa.. den at nite we call potato come over.. rynn was like totally shock.. haha.. but dat time after we eat i lost my hp.. haix.. sad.. i wan a hp!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sunday, January 17, 2010

my school life

my cousin full moon today!!damn kawaii!! but den she look too chubby dy.. haha.. wanna pinch her.. XD waa~dix week so sui.. sab makes me fall down nn get one ang pao.. haix.. on thur.. we got house meeting.. dey choose me as secretary.. haix.. so much work to do mia.. plus won get points dy.. haix.. nvm.. take it as kerja amal.. muahahaha.. XD nn den deir udang di seblik batu for choosing me as de secretary shows.. dey wann me to be deir commander agin dix year.. i dun wann laa.. T-T but arthur threaten me.. haix.. nvm i can blackmail him back.. haha.. XD den volleyball time im president ma.. so ma go nn play volleyball wid em lo.. if not later mr.cheah say im not active nn wadeva.. my hand damn pain!! >.<>

Saturday, January 9, 2010

school reopen!! XD

waa~ school reopen dy!! >.<

first day ny got stuffs to do dy.. haix.. wad homework was it again?? bio i guess.. nn hav to pass up de nex day!! wad de hell??! haix.. nvm.. XD ouh ya.. first day oso got orientation for form 1.. XD so kawaii!! mathu gav quite a long speech till like over de time given to us.. =.= haha.. nvm.. dere's new rules nn stuff summore!! plus i not yet buy my blazer!! waa~ pn.wan's so gonna kill me if i dun buy.. i din buy any book yet cause my hse mia witch dun wanna giv me money!! haix.. i hav to buy everything myself!! so unfair.. >.<

i hav got a few target but will i hit it? i guess not.. =X overall school was okae except de fact dat i din do my homework yet, i hav to wake up early, nn i hav no much time for myself.. even i take ttn my mum oso bla bla bla.. i din take dat many ttn ryte?? haix.. yesterday was boring but kinda fun at nite.. i went to ryn mia hse afta ttn.. XD den i on9 til 2 smth.. at first ryn was tired dy manatau wen i reach home nn on9 she nn li ean bully me!! hmph.. shawn oso.. all same gang wan.. pembuli!! hmph.. dun wanna chai u all dy.. haha joking2.. XD den.. today pula.. got gathering meeting.. at tian hong's at 2 pm later!!  XD 

im still tinking, wondering nn wadeva-ing dat shud i take account?? my account result is beta den some of my science subject mia result laa.. but.. i still cant made my decision!! >.< wad shud i do??